Name: Owen Ben Davies BSc
Location: Central London

I am a sociable and confident software developer with over 7 years commercial programming experience. Although both technically and scientifically minded, I also have a very creative side with a strong music and graphics background. I currently specialize in Ruby on Rails, NoSQL databases, Linux server management, various agile methodologies and project management.

Commercial Experience

Ruby on Rails: 6 years, expert level
Java: 6 years + main language at university, expert level
NoSQL Databases: Including CouchDB, Cassandra, MongoDB, 3 years, expert level
Linux System Administration: 5 years, expert level
Other Technologies: HTML, Javascript, C++, Android, Git, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google Web Toolkit

Xively December 2011 - Present

I am currently employed as a software developer for Xively, which is a company owned by LogMeIn

Palatinate Group January 2010 - December 2011

I was employed as a software developer for Palatinate Group which incorporates a number of specialist leisure and travel companies including Your Golf Travel, Europe's largest golf tour operator and 6th in the Fast Track 100, and Fairway to Furlong. When I first joined there where just two permanent .NET developers and a Ruby on Rails contractor, and so I played a key role in establishing a medium sized Ruby on Rails development team. This included introducing test driven development practices and a Scrum style development cycle. Some of the key projects  included:-

Developing and launching a data management system to replace the previous paper system for managing customers, bookings, enquiries and suppliers. This system is built using Ruby on Rails, CouchDB and Google Web Toolkit. As well as handling large amounts of data, it also includes a number of reporting functionalities for both management and accounting purposes.

Designing and implementing a reliable and monitored server set-up which can be easily maintained and even re-created using various scripts. The system combines both cloud based VPS, dedicated servers in external data centres and a number of locally based servers including a virtualized system based on KVM.

WDS July 2007 – December 2009

I was employed by WDS as a software developer from before graduating from university, working in an agile, round the world development team. I rapidly became an integrated member of the team, able to adopt the companies' strict paired programming and test driven development practices, thus allowing me to immediately work on various key live systems. Working for WDS in the rapidly developing mobile phone industry provided a number of opportunities to work on a wide range of projects including:-

A high volume over-the-air mobile phone configuration service built using J2EE. The site and API provided over 10 million configurations a month, and served a number of large customers including Nokia, Vodafone and Orange. To support the system there were various configuration tools, settings managers and reporting systems built in both Java and Ruby on Rails, backed by large Oracle and MS SQL databases.

A call-centre support portal created using a number of technologies and integrated using a JSR-286 portal container. This included a mobile phone simulator built using Google Web Toolkit, which allowed an operator or user to browse a mobile phone, run tutorials and send settings configurations. The simulators were automatically generated from various data sources and knowledge bases.

A multimedia file creation site built using Ruby on Rails. This allows device testers to select and create a wide range of video, audio and streaming media files, that are then created on the fly, ready to be download by various different devices.

A number of Android mobile phone applications including an email settings configuration wizard and an over-the-air network settings configuration wizard. Creating these applications included working with Google on the core operating system to fix various bugs in their SMS processing engine.

Custom Made Computers October 2005 – August 2007

While at university I set up my own company, Custom Made Computers Limited (Reg. No. 5596900) that sold specialist custom built computers. This both provided me with funding for my education and was a very interesting and practical introduction to a whole range of business skills. Having to manage every aspect of the company developed my knowledge of legal, organisational and accountancy skills, while having to create and maintain an E-Commerce site.

BSc in Computer Science 2004 – 2007

I gained a BSc in Computer Science with honours from Swansea University in 2007. For various module and project selections, I chose to focus my studies on application and web security, functional programming and computer graphics.

First Year Précis: Combinatorics, Complexity and Randomness
First Year Case Study: The aspects which helped form IBM - one of the largest companies in the world
Second Year Project: UML / CASE study
Group Project: Mass Spectrometer Program
Final year dissertation: Verification of Security Protocols in Maude

Computer Games Development 1999 - 2004

I started programming using DIV Games Studio, creating a range of games including 3D first person games. Creating every aspect of a game taught me a wide range of skills including various programming concepts, graphical design and 3D model, music technology and website design. Just four years after starting to learn to program, I was invited to appear on Gamezville, a Computer Games show on Sky One, to demonstrate some of the games I had created.


Aside from programming, my other major hobby has always been music, both as a chorister and particularly as a violinist performing in orchestras. This has provided me many unique opportunities such as recently performing for the Queen at Buckingham Palace and playing at the Royal Albert Hall on a number occasions. I have also been on many music tours abroad and performed at notable venues such as the Vatican. I am currently a regular member of Docklands Sinfonia attending regular rehearsals and concerts, as well as assisting with various administrative tasks such as creating the website.

  • Grade 8 Violin in 2004
  • Grade 4 Piano in 1999
  • Grade 5 Theory in 2003, 90%